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NorDutch Technologies is your trusted local provider of email encryption solutions in the Nashville, TN area. We can help you ensure your company and clients’ confidential information is kept secure, and guard against various email security threats. Contact us today to learn more about our email encryption solutions and support services.


Protect Against Crypto Thieves

Most individuals would not get in their vehicles without first buckling up, right? Airline flights always begin with “safety first.” How many times must we hear instructions about safety cards in the backseat pockets and apply your own oxygen mask first in the event of trouble.

What about practicing safety online? Sending information via unencrypted email is the equivalent of writing that same information on a postcard for all to see.

Most individuals and businesses leave themselves at risk of identity theft, extortion, corporate confidentiality, and fraud by not taking the proper precautions to protect email data. If you have an email or social media account, you are a target. EVERYONE should be concerned about email privacy.

The good news is NorDutch Technologies can protect you. We can ensure your email is secure and kept private, no matter the size of your business. NorDutch Technologies has built an email encryption service that is compatible with existing email providers. Whether you’re an SMB or a larger business, NorDutch Technologies can protect you!

Why is Email Encryption Essential?

There are three main reasons why EVERYONE should utilize email encryption software. Remember, if you are an email user, you are a target.

Email encryption software will protect email messages and attachments sent over the Internet. By safeguarding your information, you block potential eavesdroppers from gaining access to your pertinent data and information. Furthermore, block wrong-doers from altering the content of your messages.

Encrypted data prevents unauthorized users from intercepting login credentials and prevents your private information from being circulated around the Internet.

Data that is protected protects EVERYONE by keeping financial and medical information out of the hands of criminals. Even if these evildoers hack your email account, they will not be able to read your data.

Beware: Phishing is Real

Phishing is an enormous cyber security threat that affects everyone. Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails posing as reputable companies to illegally obtain personal information. In business, staff are targeted twice as much as middle management and middle management is targeted more than executives. Be sure to educate your employees to beware of phishing threats. Remember, we are all a target.

•   Never respond to unsolicited emails that ask for personal information.
•   Be suspicious of any email that does not address you by name, has misspells, or looks unprofessional.
•   Check the links by hovering your mouse over them to verify the links destination.
•   Never follow a suspicious link. Always navigate suspicious leads by typing the web address in the navigation bar at the top of your browser.

The Basics: Email Encryption Solutions

Email encryption is simply a mathematical process that scrambles information to secure or authenticate sensitive documents. In other words, email encryption simply “disguises” original email content to protected information so that it can only be read by the intended recipient(s).

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Did you know that electronic messaging has been used since the 1960’s? As more and more users have interconnected, new standards and mechanisms have been developed to minimize information security risks. There are two ways encryption may occur: transport or end-to-end.

Transport encryption is easier to set up and use; however, transport encryption is not as secure as end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption is data that is encrypted upon sending and decrypted upon receipt.

NorDutch Technologies has technology and software that can easily be installed that will protect personal data, maintain corporate confidentiality, and protect critical infrastructure. It can also protect the integrity of your company by establishing your business as one that protects its clients’ private information. Don’t let criminals infiltrate your system. Let us help you protect individual and stakeholder information.

Contact us today to learn more about our email encryption solutions and support services.