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Why is Office 365 so valuable?

Anyone who has created a document on a computer, organized digital pictures into folders, or created an appointment on their cellphone calendar has benefitted from versatile and easy-to-use software.

Productivity software allows users to: process documents and data; create spreadsheets, graphs, presentations and databases; edit and design graphics or labels; and manage files, events and to-do lists. With the rise of collaborative software, multiple people can even work on the same files at the same time.


Why use Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based suite of productivity apps designed to be a complete solution for individual users, small businesses and enterprises. Office 365 is collectively hosted in the cloud instead of on each device, enabling users to work on projects from various locations and devices.

The cloud-based apps are maintained automatically without extra charges and are always up to date.

Some of the most popular apps included in the suite are:

 – Word, the popular word processing application
 – Skype, to communicate through instant messaging and audio or video calls
 – PowerPoint, to create slide presentations
 – Outlook, for email, calendars and contacts
 – Excel, for spreadsheets and graphs
 – Visio, to design detailed flowcharts
 – And so much more!

Small businesses can appreciate Office 365’s flexible monthly subscription model. The tools are offered in various tiers to suit the changing needs of a growing organization.
Microsoft backs its products with a guarantee of 99.9% uptime and ongoing 24/7 support: a guarantee that would otherwise cost a small business a significant percentage of its time, revenue and talent.

Enterprise-sized businesses will appreciate Office 365’s built-in security, compliance and threat-detection features. The Office 365 suite allows for communication and collaboration between thousands of employees.

Simple and intuitive, Microsoft Office 365 can save hours of training and onboarding new hires. Its single-sign-on feature prevents employees from having to toggle between multiple platforms, which is a leading of frustration in the office.

Why use Office 365 experts?

Office 365 has a nearly infinite range of customizable features, which can take hours to analyze, install and adjust. A team of experts can quickly identify an organization’s needs and configure Office 365 to match, choosing the correct features, price tier and settings.

Common solutions provided by Office 365 consultants include:

 •  Installing Office on company devices
 •  Identifying necessary service packs and compatibility packs for optimal performance on each device
 •  Managing payments and billing
 •  Troubleshooting activation issues
 •  Connecting Office 365 to third-party apps, such as LinkedIn
 •  Configuring mobile apps

Why trust NorDutch Technologies?

We have been assisting customers to effectively evaluate, implement and utilize technology solutions since 1996. With headquarters in Brentwood, TN, NorDutch Technologies has provided quality service for customers in a diverse range of industries.

We pride ourselves on being a trusted technology partner with an vested interest in each client’s success. Contact us today for a free consultation to begin the journey towards productivity with Office 365.